Rs 100 Million Askara Subsistence Request Rejected, Nindy Ayunda’s Reaction

medialnews – Apparently, Nindy Ayunda doesn’t care about Askara Parasady Harsono’s claim for an income of 100 million rupees. Represented by her lawyer, Nindy understands that Askara is currently the subject of legal proceedings.

“Yes, it is also impossible not to be accepted. Askara’s condition is still in custody, so it is impossible for her to make any money,” Nindy’s lawyer Herman Simarmata said during the interview. ‘a meeting at the religious court in South Jakarta, Friday (21/5).

1. Able to support own children

Even so, his lawyer said there must be objections to this. However, according to him, Nindy Ayunda believes that she is still able to provide for her own child even with the minimum income of Askara Parasady Harsono.

“If there are any objections, there must be, but it’s not a fundamental problem for Ms. Nindy,” Herman said.

“Nindy is a strong and tough woman, she can really take care of the children,” he added.

2. The divorce proceedings are granted

Meanwhile, it is known that Nindy Ayunda’s divorce petition was granted by the South Jakarta Religious Court on May 6, 2021. However, by the panel of judges, Nindy’s request to live against Askara did not fail. been granted.

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