Roy Suryo officially reported Lucky Alamsyah, see his long term sentence

Former Minister of Youth and Sports Roy Suryo in Polda Metro Jaya in South Jakarta, Lucky Alamsyah reported on Monday (24/5). Photo: Firda Junita /

medialnews, JAKARTA – Former Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Roy Suryo has put forward a number of conditions if actor Lucky Alamsyah wants to make peace with him regarding the alleged car accident.

One of them is the pesinetron Early marriage he must present an apology written on the seal.

“Second, he took it all off posts about me, ”Roy Suryo told Polda Metro Jaya, south Jakarta, Monday (5/24).

A former Democratic Party executive also put forward a condition, Lucky Alamsyah revealed the true timeline of their car crash and uploaded it to Instagram Story.

Indeed, Roy Surya is of the opinion that the previous objection raised by the 48-year-old pesinetron is not true.

“(The condition) is that he uploads the real story again, not his soap opera version. Then he broadcasts it not only on social media, but also on media. to integrate, ” said the telematics expert.

But he personally admitted that he forgave Lucky Alamsyah for his statement on Instagram.

“Yes (forgive) maybe as an ordinary person and a religious community,” Roy Suryo said.

Currently, the Yogyakarta-born man has denounced Lucky Alamsyah in Polda Metro Jaya on suspicion of defamation and misrepresentation.

The report was registered as LP / 2669 / V / YAN.2.5 / 2021 / SPKT PMJ on May 24, 2021.

Lucky Alamsyah allegedly violated Article 27, paragraph 3, in conjunction with Article 45, paragraph 3, of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 19 of 2016 regarding amendments to the Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 11 of 2008 concerning the ITE or article 310 of the Code and article 311 of the Penal Code. (mcr7 / jpnn)

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