RMR Vice President: Don’t let THR go unpaid

Jakarta (medialnews) – Indonesian House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar reminded us not to pay vacation pay (THR) as it is very important amid the economic conditions affected by the pandemic.

“The company must immediately meet its obligations by paying THR to all employees,” he said in a statement in Jakarta on Thursday.

According to him, employees in a difficult economic situation are currently very dependent on the THR disbursement.

He suggested that if there were any difficulties on the part of the company, they should be discussed carefully with the employees.

Thus, he continued, so that there is an agreement between the company and the employees.

He reminded the company to treat employees like company assets.

“So don’t let the company actually be able to pay, but pretend it isn’t able to. If the employees feel happy and comfortable, then their performance will surely be equally exciting. for the business to move forward, ”he said.

As reported, Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah hopes the settlement of the THR 2021 payment complaint will be better than last year.

“Given the vigilance of my colleagues at the Manpower Office, I am optimistic that although the case is bigger, I hope the settlement will be much better than 2020 as our economy improves,” Menaker Ida told Jakarta, Wednesday (12/5).

Judging by the number of complaints, the Ministry of Manpower from 2021 to May 12, 2021 received 977 verified complaints and in 2020, 683 complaints were received.

Regarding the follow-up to the complaint, Ida said that sanctions against companies that do not comply are the last step after an inspection by the labor inspector. He explained that the maximum process of carrying out the inspection takes around 30 days.

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Reporter: Mr. Razi Rahman
Editor: Budi Suyanto

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