Returning to the Court of alleged corruption, Mark Sungkar Objection that the Prosecutor cannot bring witnesses

medialnews – Former actor Mark Sungkar faces another trial for alleged corruption during the 2018 Asian Games National Pelatlon Fund triathlon at the Jakarta Corruption Court on Friday afternoon (5/28/2021).

However, as soon as the trial was opened only to the public, the panel immediately postponed the trial, which was to hear the testimony of the prosecutor.

Indeed, Mark Sungkar objected to the prosecutor not bringing witnesses into the courtroom. Mark Sungkar felt that if the witness was not presented in the courtroom, it would be prejudicial to him.

“So the legal team asked that they (the witnesses) be presented in person, that’s fairer, yes. It means that if evidence is presented, it can be direct,” Mark Sungkar said afterwards. the trial.

1. Back to hold

The trial will be held again on June 10 with the same agenda, namely the hearing of testimony from the prosecution.

As is known, Mark Sungkar sat in the prison chair because he got caught up in an alleged corruption case during the 2018 Asian Games Platna Fund triathlon.

2. Get rich

Mark Sungkar, who was then general chairman of the central executive of the Indonesian Triathlon Federation (PPFTI), was tasked with enriching himself.

He was charged with violating article 2, paragraph (1), article 18, paragraph (1), letter B, of the subsidiary law on the eradication of corruption the law on the elimination of the crime of corruption .

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