Ressa Herlambang His dear Harley Davidson auction, 160 million rupees

medialnews – The young singer and entrepreneur, Ressa Herlambang, participated in the auction organized by the Indonesian Association of Young Entrepreneurs (IPMI).

IPMI President Anto Jangkar said the results of this auction would later be used to help Indonesians, both those affected by pandemics and natural disasters.

“This auction is in fact the target of our brothers who are affected by natural disasters, whether natural disasters or those affected by the Covid 19 pandemic,” said the head of the IPMI Anto Jangkar during his recent meeting.

“Including musicians and artists who are in difficult conditions due to the current situation,” he continued.

1. Favorite ring

At this auction, Ressa Herlambang also offered her beloved Harlye Davidson ring as an item for auction. A little story, Ressa has already obtained the ring from the overseas auction.

“I got this about 6 or more years ago at an auction in a country. Well, I really like this ring because I think there is something interesting,” Ressa said.

2. The price is IDR 160 million

In this auction, Ressa Herlambang’s Harley Davidson ring was won by famous businessman Basuki Surodjo, with the latest bid of IDR 160 million.

Also at this time, the man who colloquially calls himself Cobaz is hoping that more and more businessmen will attend this event and share with those in need.

“In the future, I hope that there will be more businessmen ready to share, to join, so that they can help others a little, even if there are many who are giving up now”, Basuki Surodjo concluded.

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