Remember Boss! Companies banned from deducting employee salaries for self-help vaccination: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Government spokesperson for management Covid-19 Wiku Adisasmito pointed out that companies are prohibited from reducing employee wages in connection with the implementation of Goton Royong vaccination. Where this vaccination program is free.

“I remind the whole community again that the mutual cooperation vaccination program is implemented free of charge. Companies participating in this program are also prohibited from reducing employee salaries for the benefit of the mutual cooperation vaccination program, ”he said at a press conference on Thursday (20/5/2021) .

Wiku regrets the existence of levies by certain parties on employees of the mutual cooperation vaccination program.

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“The government deeply regrets that some parties will charge fees in the implementation of the mutual cooperation vaccination program,” he said.

He also asked those who discovered these samples to report immediately to the Ministry of Health.

“People who discover these samples should immediately report to the Ministry of Health so that they can be followed up,” he said.

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As everyone knows, the mutual cooperation vaccination started last Tuesday. Where President Jokowi directly observes the implementation of the mutual cooperation vaccination.

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