Ramadan without Aurel is what Anang Hermansyah is missing: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty undergo different Ramadan in different years. Because, Aurel Hermansyah has been married to Atta Halilintar since April 3, 2021.

“Yes, it’s different. It’s not good (Ramadan without Aurel). Last year we had fun,” Anang said during a live Instagram with Celebrities.id.

It’s hard for Anang to give up the habit of living with Aurel for 23 years, especially in a holy month like this. Ashanty’s husband even missed being scolded by his eldest daughter.

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“Aurel is a spontaneous person. Sometimes I’m also anxious, when I talk to him I copy him too. I miss him,” he says.

“Sometimes he growls, the cheeks aren’t like this or that. There’s a problem he has about me, but now there’s nothing like it,” Anang said again.

According to Anang, the character was probably formed because Aurel is the oldest child. He even became the first person to scold Anang if he was late in contacting the family.

“The one who got angry the most was Aurel.” The cheeks are scandalous eh! Why didn’t you call us? Didn’t tell us? “He got angry on the phone,” recalls the crying Rain singer.

Even Aurel’s courage to scold Anang was more than his mother, Ashanty. For Anang, it is a form of child attention.

“Mom doesn’t dare if I’m in a meeting, she pauses. If Aurel doesn’t. You have to make repeated phone calls to get off the hook, ”he added.


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