Ramadan is completed, Vanessa Angel is happy for the first time to fast with children

medialnews – Beautiful artist Vanessa Angel very enthusiastic to welcome the month of Ramadan. This year is Vanessa’s first Ramadan to fast with her child, Gala Sky Andriansyah and her husband, Bibi Ardiansyah.

“This is the first fast with a child and in a covid situation like this I’m excited. Because yesterday I was pregnant and not fasting, so maybe there is no fasting with the most virtual, ”Vanessa Angel said in Kebayoran Baru, recently.

1. The presence of the Sky Gala

For Vanessa, this year’s Ramadan is so complete due to the presence of her baby, Gala Sky Andriansyah. In addition, the development of Gala, who now begins to eat food for nursing companions.

“It’s really exciting, especially when I eat now, at most I often cook food for the Gala rather than food for her dad, haha,” Vanessa said.

“So more often I try to do Mpasi for a gala so I really like the first fast with a full family, there is a gala,” he continued.

2. Work during Ramadan

Regarding the work during the month of Ramadan, Vanessa continues as usual. However, not all of the job postings he took. The reason is that the child cannot be left for too long.

“Take it, but I have a child so I can’t stay long. At the most, I’ll just take an hour and two hours or if I take a job out of town I’ll bring my child,” Vanessa Angel concludes.

For those KLovers who also remain active outside the home, make sure to always # RememberPesanIbu yes. Wash your hands regularly with soap, wear a mask, keep your distance and avoid crowds.

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