Rahmanuddin: I will give my best to Persita

The new goalkeeper Persita Tangerang Rahmanuddin. Photo: HO / Persita

medialnews, JAKARTA – Persita Tangerang has signed a new goalkeeper to face La Liga 1 2021. A goalkeeper named Rahmanuddin is signed for a season.

Rahmanuddin will join the ranks of Persita goalkeepers, which previously included Annas Fitranto and Try Hamdani Goentara.

The 28-year-old goalkeeper with a height of 186cm, in an official statement received Thursday in Jakarta, admitted that he has long harbored a desire to join the Cisadane Swordsman squad.

However, a new bright spot came when Persita goalkeeper coach Mukti Ali Raja contacted Rahmanuddin after the Menpora Cup pre-season tournament.

“Coach Mukti asked me if I was still under contract at Persiba Balikpapan. I replied that I no longer had contracts. Finally, coach Mukti offered me a try at Persita, I said I was ready and immediately went to Tangerang, ”said Rahmanuddin.

In fact, the story of Rahmanuddin and Persita began in 2014, but unfortunately at that time he was not yet paired with Persita.

“At that time I had ISL in Persita and had been training for two weeks as well. But maybe it wasn’t a game yet at that point. Because I finally accepted the ‘Semen Padang’s offer. So maybe his new game now, “he said.

Choosing Persita is not a difficult thing for Rahmanuddin either, especially since he already knew coach Mukti Ali Raja long before.

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