Raden Kian Santang, the bearer of Prahara in the sky of Pajajaran, reveals the vicious prince: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Raden Kian Santang (RKS) is now entering his new season. Raden Kian Santang in this final season features new players such as David Hofman, Gilbert Marciano, in Lutfi.

The story begins with the appearance of RKS in the Siliwangi Muda era. Due to his resemblance to Abikara, a ruthless and vicious prince, RKS has become Prabu Siliwangi Muda’s main opponent.

Raden Kian Santang

Raden Kian Santang will also face Wistapati, Abikara’s older brother who wants to behead his own mother, Ratu Parwati. Out of pity and to save Queen Parwati, Kian Santang allowed himself to be regarded as Abikara, then persuaded Wistapati.

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During his disguise as Abikara, Kian Santang will also face Kertaseta, the frontman of the group Mawar Bodas. There was a school book Abikara sneakily took away. Master Kartaseta was killed. Kartaseta then founded the school again and appointed himself president, to recover the legacy book.

The return of Raden Kian Santang

How will the next story in Raden Kian Santang’s new adventure return to the past? Who is the character sought by Raden Kian Santang? Watch Raden Kian Santang Season 3 return daily at 9:00 p.m. WIB, only on MNCTV Always at Heart. Raden Kian Santang’s comeback can also be witnessed via the RCTI + app or www.rctiplus.com.


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