PUPR Department Uses Structural Reinforcement Technology for BSPS Program

I appreciate the slightest innovation made in infrastructure development

Jakarta (medialnews) – The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing or PUPR is using structural strengthening technology for the Self-Employed Housing Stimulation Assistance Program (BSPS) in 2021.

PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono said there was a need for new innovations to support development projects.

“I appreciate the slightest innovation made in infrastructure development,” he said in a written statement received in Jakarta on Saturday.

The PUPR ministry continues to support technological innovation and the use of national products for infrastructure development. One of them is the use of Ferocement coating technology in the BSPS 2021 program.

This technology is used to strengthen the structure of community houses, minimize damage to buildings and ensure the safety of buildings and their occupants.

UPPR Ministry’s Housing Director General (Dirjen) Khalawi said his party had made innovations in the construction of BSPS program housing.

This innovation is necessary for the houses to be structurally more solid and workable using ferocement coating technology which is an innovation of the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of PUPR in 2017.

Khalawi continued, as the government continues to increase the amount of assistance from the BSPS program to help people get decent housing.

“We will continue to encourage the implementation of the BSPS program in all regions of Indonesia. The BSPS program can improve the quality of homes of people who were previously unfit for habitation with stimulus funds from the government,” he said. said Khalawi.

In order to launch the program in fiscal year 2020, the government has allocated a budget of IDR 17.5 million per dwelling to be distributed to the community.

While in FY 2021, the total budget allocation was increased by Rp 20 million. Per dwelling, this fund was intended for the purchase of building materials in the amount of Rp 17.5 million. And workers’ wages of Rp 2.5 million.

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Journalist: Aji Cakti
Editor: Biqwanto Situmorang

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