PSSI: Cucu Somantri was absent from the congress without news

PSSI ensures that Cucu is still vice president and member of the executive committee of PSSI.

Jakarta (medialnews) – PSSI Vice President Iwan Budianto said his colleague PSSI Vice President Cucu Somantri was absent without news at the 2021 PSSI Ordinary Congress.

“There is no notification, but I will see again if there is a notification letter or not,” Iwan said after the Jakarta congress on Saturday.

Somantri’s grandson has rarely been seen at important PSSI events since 2020, to be precise after his controversy in April 2020.

At the time, the problem with the retired TNI officer with the last rank of Major General was that his biological son was known to be the Managing Director of PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB). In fact, at the time of the incident, Cucu was registered as the CEO of LIB.

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Cucu then resigned from his post as president and CEO of LIB in March 2020 and was replaced by Akhmad Hadian Lukita.

Despite this, PSSI confirmed that Cucu was still vice president and member of the executive committee of PSSI.

“Pak Cucu is still in office,” Iwan said.

Besides Cucu, there is another member of the Exco who was not present at the Ordinary Congress of the PSSI 2021, namely Pieter Tanuri. However, Pieter had good reasons not to attend the annual event.

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“Pak Pieter has a family event, marrying his nephew,” said Iwan.

The Ordinary Congress of the PSSI 2021 was held at a hotel in Kuningan region, Jakarta on Saturday (29/5). This event brought together 87 voters, delegates and guests of PSSI.

After the congress, PSSI President Mochamad Iriawan hurriedly left the venue. Iriawan hands over the responsibility of leading the post-congress press conference to Iwan Budianto.

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According to Iwan, Iriawan could not stay long because his mother was being treated intensively in the hospital.

“Her mother is in critical condition,” said Iwan.

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Publisher: Rolex Malaha
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