PresUniv 2021 anniversary invites young people to wake up from the pandemic

INDONESIAMAGZ – 2021 is a recovery year for President University (PresUniv), an international standard university located in Kota Jababeka. Because various activities that were delayed in the early days of the pandemic are underway again, and of course, they apply current health protocols. One of the activities that has gone successfully and happily this year is PresUniv’s 19th anniversary.

Yes, this year PresUniv has entered its 19th year, and this pandemic has not dampened the enthusiasm of the PresUniv university community to celebrate it. With the main theme of the anniversary of PresUniv “Youthopia; Where there is darkness, there is light“, PresUniv invites its students to emerge from the pandemic.

PresUniv’s Dies Natalis “Youthopia; Where there is darkness, there is light “

“The concept for this year is healing and awakening for a better future. Because as we know, the whole world is falling in all its aspects due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ”said Prof. Dr. Jony Oktavian Haryanto, Chancellor of PresUniv, at a series of PresUniv 2021 anniversary events in Kota Jababeka recently.

Meanwhile, Rivera Liza Valentina, as CEO of this year’s anniversary, added that this year’s theme would mean PresUniv is calling on everyone, especially young people, to come out of this pandemic.

“I hope after this celebration we can all see that we can get up again even though we fell during the pandemic. Everything has to go on and find a new light in this dark time, ”said management studies program student PresUniv in the 2019 class.

For this reason, the three series of anniversary events are an illustration of the stages of development during this pandemic. The first activity, namely a national webinar entitled Ahch-to: the secrets of strength.

“This webinar describes the initial stage of a journey, namely the learning stage,” said Rive.

The topic was delivered directly by Felicia Putri Tjiasaka, co-founder of as well as alumni of the management studies program, PresUniv, class of 2014, and Sena Achari, director of the product management network.
This webinar covered many aspects of investing.

This discussion is very important given that Indonesia’s economic growth experienced a decline of -5.32% in 2020. Therefore, it is important to manage finances, especially savings, one of which may be done through investment.

After that, the series of events continued with the E-Sport competition and the corporate model canvas competition. “This is the stage after the apprenticeship, namely war or struggle,” Rive said.

These two competitions were not only organized by PresUniv students, but also by high school students (SMA). In total, 35 teams, each composed of 7 people, took part in the E-Sport competition and 33 participants took part in the Business Model Canvas competition.

After studying and fighting, of course, it is necessary to celebrate the journey that has been made. “The latest series of events is a form of appreciation for all who have struggled and have not given up on this pandemic,” Rive explained.

This milestone was celebrated during the final evening of PresUniv’s Dies Natalis. During this evening of celebration, various performances by PresUniv students were presented. Not to mention, there was also Idgitaf x fivein who sang today’s popular songs to celebrate the 2021 anniversary celebration night.



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