Pondok Kelapa TPU florist made a fortune

Jakarta (MEDIALNEWS.COM) – A florist at Pondok Kelapa Public Cemetery (TPU) made his fortune following the pilgrim crowds in the area just before Ramadan this year.

“Now there is an increase (turnover) of almost 50 percent, not too much,” said a flower seller at Pondok Kelapa Cemetery, Adit, in east Jakarta on Saturday.

Adit, who has been selling flowers for the pilgrimage to Pondok Kelapa cemetery for 15 years, revealed that he was happy because at that time the pilgrimage had been authorized by the cemetery director.

“Alhamdulillah, this year is quite crowded compared to last year which was the start of COVID-19,” Adit said.

Even though the profits he made were not as much as they were before when the pandemic hadn’t hit, he was still grateful that his merchandise had been overrun by pilgrims.

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The same was also expressed by Lisna, another flower seller from TPU Pondok Kelapa, who admitted that he was happy because he could sell again before Ramadan.

“Last year we couldn’t sell. No pilgrimage. Now Alhamdulillah is open,” said Lisna.

He said that in one day he was able to sell up to 19 bags of sown flowers with a profit of around 2 million rupees.

“Now the price of flowers is expensive if you want to go on a pilgrimage,” he said.

Lisna added that pilgrims in Pondok Kelapa TPU usually start to be busy a week before Ramadan and also a week before Lebaran.

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“I come back to Lebaran, here again. Usually three days before Eid,” he added.

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