Pomegranate finds from Kendal residents successfully tamed

VIVA – Gegana Sat Brimob Polda Central Java demining team today, Saturday May 1, 2021, defused a grenade found yesterday by residents of Darupono village, Weleri district, Kendal Regency, Central Java. The taming of the grenades is done by provision to break the grenades so that they are no longer dangerous.

The Gegana team attended the scene with police from Kendal. The team pierced the teak forest to reach a location on the banks of the Blorong River.

According to Deputy Head of Bomb Disposal Sub-Detachment (SubdenJibom) Gegana Sat Brimob Polda Central Java, Iptu M Huda, the standard for grenade extermination is carried out by a method called disposal. Namely buried in the ground and then broken into.

“Grenades made by elimination are buried in the ground, to untangle the grenades until the dangerous material is lost, leaving only the rubble or shells left behind. Before implementation, security is done first so that there are no residents on the premises, ”he said.

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