Polygamy accused, Donny Alamsyah confused: Okezone celebrity

JAKARTA – Donny Alamsyah has been accused of polygamy in the character he played in the series Sajadah Panjang. He admitted he was confused.

“Honestly, as soon as I read the story, it’s complicated. Here’s how to play it,” Donny said recently in Jakarta.

But slowly, Donny Alamsyah began to find the best way to portray a polygamous male character.

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Donny Alamsyah

“Yes, we study it slowly. You first have to understand the character, what the obstacles are, and then how to build the chemistry with the other players,” he says.

Cut Mini’s existence as a co-star was also a big influence on Donny Alamsyah in his character development.

“He was very helpful. Slowly I figured out what it was like to be a husband who has a big mistake with my family,” the actor said.

The Sajadah Panjang series, which airs on Maxstream, tells the story of the destruction of a family’s happiness after his father decides to remarry. Besides Donny Alamsyah and Cut Mini, the Sajadah Panjang series also stars Arbani Yasiz.


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