Police to pick up Jozeph Paul Zhang in Berlin, his current status is blasphemy suspect

medialnews, JAKARTA – The head of the national police’s public relations division, Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan, said his party was submitting a red notice against Jozeph Paul Zhang to Interpol in France.

Investigators coordinated with various related parties. On the other hand, investigators will also complete the required documents for the request to issue a red notice first.

“The red notice request will be processed immediately by the BCN Indonesia secretariat via Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France,” Ahmad said at police headquarters in Jakarta on Tuesday (4/20/2021).

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Ahmad explained that the basis for submitting a Red Notice is Jozeph Paul Zhang’s publication as a Wanted List (DPO) since April 19, 2021 yesterday.

YouTuber Joseph Paul Zhang has been officially declared a suspect for blasphemy
YouTuber Joseph Paul Zhang is officially declared a suspect in the act of religious blasphemy (YouTube Joseph Paul Zhang)

He said the publication of the Red Notice served as the basis for the police to deport the perpetrators who were in Germany. The National Police also continues to coordinate with the National Police Attaché at the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

“There is a possibility (of deportation). The key is that after the issuance of the red notice, of course, it will be communicated to the local government. The government of the country in which he lives is in Germany,” he said. he said.

After the deportation, Indonesian police in Germany will pick up the new perpetrator.

“Investigators can get them there. We’ll just wait because the investigative process is not direct but via the NCB Interpol Indonesia Set and communicated directly to Interpol in the city of Lyon, France. This is the mechanism. And it takes time, could be a week or more, ”he said.

Jozeph Paul Zhang has been named a suspected blasphemy suspect after claiming to be the 26th Prophet on his YouTube account. Karo Penmas, Public Relations Division of the National Police, Brigadier General Rusdi Hartono, said his party was still trying to continue tracking down the suspect’s whereabouts.

“Already suspect,” Rusdi said.

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