Police chief confirms Mimika is still safe from KKTB interference

Timika (medialnews) – Mimika Resort Police Chief, Papua AKBP IGG Era Adhinata has confirmed that the jurisdiction of Mimika police is still safe from the interference of the Armed Terrorist Criminal Group (KKTB), which is currently being hunted down by joint military police apparatus at Puncak Regency.

“So far, Mimika is still safe, including Tembagapura,” AKBP Era Adhinata told Timika on Monday.

However, the ranks of the Mimika police, including in all the Polsek directly adjacent to the Puncak regency, namely the Tembagapura police, the Jila police, including the Agimuga police, continue to be vigilant in anticipating the possibility that the KKTB could move to the Mimika region.

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“The anticipation we do is early detection if this group enters the Mimika region as there are several districts such as Tembagapura, Hoeya, Jila, Alama which directly border the Puncak regency.” If they enter the Mimika region, of course, law enforcement action will be taken. », Declared the police chief of Mimika.

Some areas of Mimika that are likely to be penetrated by KKB include Tembagapura district, which is the operating center of mining company PT Freeport Indonesia.

In 2017 in early 2018 and also in early 2020, a number of KKTB factions led by Lekagak Telenggen carried out a series of shootings in the Tembagapura area and surrounding areas.

The peak in gun violence committed by the KKTB in the Mimika region was the attack on the PT Freeport Indonesia office center in Kuala Kencana on March 30, 2020 that killed New Zealand worker Graeme Thomas Wall.

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Journalist: Evarianus Supar
Editor: Junaydi Suswanto

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