Polda Metro Jaya anticipates Sahur activities on the road in several locations

Jakarta (medialnews) – The Traffic Directorate (Ditlantas) Polda Metro Jaya has carried out raids in several locations to anticipate the “sahur on the road” or the activity of the sahur on the road and to control the sound exhausts.

Based on the official Polda Metro Jaya social media page on Tuesday morning the road raid and exhaust or racing noise was carried out at the Horse Statue roundabout and in the Monas area in the central Jakarta.

In this operation, the Ditlantas Polda metro was assisted by TNI staff, the DKI Jakarta transport service and the civil service police unit.

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Sahur on the road noisy patrols and exhausts were not only carried out at these two points, but were extended to the entire jurisdiction of Polda Metro Jaya. In addition to anticipating noises that could disrupt security and order, patrols also aim to anticipate the spread of COVID-19.

Earlier, the head of the inspector general of the regional police of Metro Jaya, Pol Fadil Imran, had underlined the ban on the activities of the Sahur in the jurisdiction of Polda Metro Jaya during the holy month of Ramadan this year.

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Journalist: Muhammad Zulfikar
Editor: Teguh Handoko

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