Pertamedika IHC launched an integrated health service system

Jakarta (medialnews) – PT Pertamedika IHC, as a holding company for public hospitals, with Google Cloud, launched an integrated health service system called One Solution System (OSS) across the hospital network consisting of 73 hospitals public.

“The ability of the Pertamedika IHC OSS system to synchronize the different data sources that were previously dispersed will help physicians make better medical decisions and allow us to confidently advance our digital innovation strategy in terms of compliance and security. data, ”Pertamedika IHC Fathema CEO Djan Rachmat said in a written statement received in Jakarta on Tuesday.

According to him, for decades health care data has been stored and dispersed in various places, although the interoperability of health data is very important to provide better quality of care, especially nowadays. where virtual care is increasingly in demand.

“By working closely with Google, we also had the opportunity to explore how their smart data analytics, artificial intelligence solutions and even Google Maps and YouTube can help us advance the operations and services that our hospital can provide patients, ”he said.

The OSS system hosted on Google Cloud is the main pillar of Pertamedika IHC’s digital transformation and has placed Indonesia’s largest hospital network at the forefront of healthcare technology innovation to improve the patient experience and advance medical research. This implementation is fully supported by Google Cloud Indonesia by providing technology support through EBconnect.

In addition, the digitization of patient data and treatment outcomes through the OSS system will provide additional benefits to advance the efforts of the Pertamedika Digital Research Center at IHC.

With the increasing use of IoT devices and digital health applications, Pertamedika IHC will explore how Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions can accelerate the discovery rate by running algorithms on disguised patient data to discover new treatment methods and patient care protocols.

“We are proud to be the digital transformation partner of Pertamedika IHC and to be able to help this forward-looking hospital organization to restructure health services along the way. In this way, we can also help improve the health experience of Indonesians, ”said Megawaty Khie, country manager of Google Cloud in Indonesia.

Journalist: Aji Cakti
Editor: Adi Lazuardi

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