Persis Solo has officially brought Irfan Jauhari

Jakarta (medialnews) – Persis Solo has officially loaned Bali United’s young wing striker Irfan Jauhari to make Laskar Samber Nyawa even stronger.

The announcement was made via Persis Solo’s official Instagram account, by uploading a photo of Irfan and greeted with a welcome greeting.

“Coming from Bamboo City with the blessing of the Island of the Gods, welcome to Bumi Sambernyawa, Jauhari!” so it sounded caption on the official Persis Solo Instagram account Wednesday evening.

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Persis Solo also complemented Irfan’s welcome with video shows and announcements that he would call the 20-year-old to join the Indonesian National Team TC.

The U-19 Indonesian national team dropout was reported to have landed in Solo since last Saturday and is believed to be one of the strengths of Kaesang Pangarep’s club wing sector.

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Irfan is the fourth recruit to be officially introduced by Persis, alongside Alberto Goncalves from Madura United, Marinus Wanewar from Persipura Jayapura and Assanur “Torres” Rijal from Persiraja Banda Aceh.

Meanwhile, on the club’s official website, Bali United has confirmed Irfan’s loan from Persis Solo, as conveyed by Bali United’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Yabes Tanuri.

Yabes said the loan would become an arena for Irfan Jauhari to have more hours to develop as a young player before eventually returning to Bali United.

“We believe this will be a great opportunity for Irfan to develop even better. Moreover, we know that Persis Solo’s commitment to building a capable team is no joke,” he said.

“Hopefully Irfan Jauhari can quickly adapt to his new team, make a positive contribution to Persis Solo and return with the Tridatu Serdadu team as an even stronger Irfan,” hoped Yabes Tanuri.

Irfan Jauhari is a player born in Ngawi, January 31, 2001, who joined the Bali United U-18 squad in 2019 and has always been one of the mainstays of Made Pasek Wijaya’s squad.

His consistent performance also took the Bali United U-18 team to the semi-finals and received a personal award as the best player in the 2019 U-18 League 1 Elite Pro Academy tournament.

Not finished there, Irfan also got the chance to play for the Indonesian U-20 All Stars team that participated in the 2019 International Cup tournament in Bali with three giant European clubs namely Real Madrid, Arsenal and Inter Milan.

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Reporter: Zuhdiar Laeis
Editor: Jafar M Sidik

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