Persija vs Persib, the potential for a draw between the two teams is weak

Jakarta (medialnews) – Persija Jakarta and Persib Bandung may be the top two teams in the 2021 Menpora Cup pre-season tournament and have the right to appear in the two finals of the final on April 22-25.

However, looking at the results of the group stage matches, both Persija and Persib are in fact in a weak state.

This is what ensures that the first leg of the Menpora Cup 2021 at the Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, Thursday (4/22) from 8.30pm WIB, will most likely end in a draw.

Persija slid into attack in a vague tone in the final.

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In total, Andritany Ardhiyasa and his friends created seven goals in six matches, from the group stage to the semi-finals of the Menpora Cup.

However, of the number of games, Persija was only able to score in three games. The details are during the 4-0 victory over Borneo FC and 2-1 against Bhayangkara FC in Group B and one goal in the quarter-finals against Barito Putera which they won 1-0.

The rest, Persija is sterile. Initially, Persija was defeated 0-2 by PSM in the opening game of the group. Then, in the two semifinals, Persija drew 0-0 with PSM and had to endure penalties to reach the final.

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The blunt condition before meeting Persib is certainly not a good thing. Additionally, Persija’s attacking power hasn’t actually changed since 2018, when they became champions of the 2018 Indonesian League.

The prolific Croatian striker Marko Simic is still there, as is the fast runner Riko Simanjuntak. Then since 2020 there is a new addition of energy, namely the top scorer in men’s football at the SEA Games 2019, namely Osvaldo Haay.

Simic and Osvaldo, who each scored two goals in the 2021 Menpora Cup, are unlikely to find their best form. Riko too. His moves on the new wing yielded two assists.

Still, Persija has something to be proud of and that could make it difficult for Persib, namely the defense.

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Of the six games that have passed, coach Sudirman’s team only gave up three times.

After being scrambled by PSM players in the first match of Group B, Sudirman was able to turn his back line into a solid wall. For the match against Persib, Persija can also play against Marco Motta, who was previously unable to play in the match due to a red card.

Not only that, the midfielders in front of the defender are also increasingly coherent in helping the defense. There is Tony Sucipto and recently the Nepalese player Rohit Chand made a positive contribution

This situation made Marc Klok more flexible in dealing with Persija’s attacks. Klok himself managed to temporarily score one goal and two assists in the Menpora Cup.


Unlike Persija, Persib is a very fertile team in the Menpora Cup 2021. From the six matches of the group stage to the semi-finals, the team managed to score 12 goals under the direction of tactician Robert Alberts.

In fact, Persib has two players who have entered the ranks of the tournament’s ‘top scorer’, namely Ezra Walian and Frets Butuan, who have each scored three goals. They are at odds with one goal from the top scorer while Assanur ‘Torres’ Rijal (Persiraja).

The Maung Bandung squad’s banging machine was also backed by Brazilian forward Wander Luiz, who had created two goals and one assist until the publication of this article.

Another fact that Persib should pay attention to is Febri Hariyadi and his friends who always score goals in every Menpora Cup match. They also never lost to their opponents.

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Yet Persib is actually the same as Persija. With a status as a productive team, Persib has a hole in the back sector.

Throughout the Menpora Cup, Persib routinely admitted to the top four in every match. Of the six games, they conceded seven goals or twice as many as Persija.

Robert Alberts would have to find a solution to this problem if he doesn’t want Persija the Persib goalkeeper to pick up the ball from the goal.

However, Robert doesn’t seem too concerned about his side’s back line, as long as the players can score more goals than his rivals.

“Football is how you can score more goals than the opponent,” said the Dutchman.


The quality of the attacks and defenses of the two teams that are not in harmony is expected to ensure that the match between Persija and Persib in the first leg of the final will be a draw.

However, the option to beat your opponent is always open if you are able to take advantage of each other’s weaknesses.

Persija may be able to maximize the chances of dead balls, be it a free kick, corner kick or 12 passes.

The Kemayoran Tiger Team proved to be effective in getting a score from the schedule. Of the seven goals scored up to the final, three were cut using the set-piece method to be exactly one free kick and two corners.

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Persija Sudirman’s coach also seems to be aware that out of a total of seven goals against Persib during the Menpora Cup, five came from set pieces.

Fighting Persebaya in the quarter-finals, Persib, already leading 3-0, could almost be matched by his opponent after the ‘Bajul Ijo’ team scored two goals via ‘assist’ free kicks in the closing minutes of the second half. Fortunately, Persib managed to keep the lead and win 3-2.

“We have practiced and evaluated our performance in the previous games, as well as Persib’s strengths and weaknesses that we will try to take advantage of,” said Sudirman.

As for Persib, it looks like it could scout the wing to dismantle Persija’s defenses.

For your information, all goals (three goals) that came into Persija’s goal during the Menpora Cup 2021 came from the winger’s movement.

Persib has players who can dismantle the opponent’s fortress from a wide side, namely Frets Butuan and Febri Hariyadi. Maung Bandung’s attack from the wing would be even more dangerous if Robert Alberts immediately fielded offensive duo Wander Luiz and Ezra Walian from the start of the match.

What is clear, all players of Persija and Persib must be in high concentration if they don’t want to come out with their heads bowed after the first leg of the final.

Even if the two teams tie at the end, there is still a return game on April 25 at Manahan Stadium, Solo. If you’re in a tie again, get ready for a penalty shootout, something Persib didn’t feel during the 2021 Menpora Cup.

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By Michael Siahaan
Editor: Teguh Handoko

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