Persib Bandung’s coach supervises players’ independent training

Jakarta (medialnews) – Persib Bandung coach Robert Alberts continues to monitor the players’ progress during breaks or holidays with the joint training program.

While not training together, all Persib players are tasked with practicing independently in their respective residences.

“We have received daily training reports from the players. We collect the reports and analyze them to find out their condition compared to before,” Robert said on the club’s official website on Sunday.

Persib’s independent training program in Ramadan adapts to the needs of each player.

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Some players, especially those who are not fasting, practice in the morning, while others who are fasting can practice before breaking their fast.

“We give them a choice. It can be before or after the fast. Meanwhile, players who are not fasting can train in the morning. Everyone has their own training time,” said Robert.

Not only the training program, Robert also pays a lot of attention to the food intake of the players.

“We also monitor food intake. Each player is different based on body weight and several other factors. They have a choice of what to consume so that weight, energy and muscle volume are always maintained,” he said.

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Persib Bandung fired players from group training activities for more than three weeks after completing the 2021 Menpora Cup tournament.

As of April 27, 2021, training activities with Persib players will be closed and the team plans to reunite on May 22.

The players are given the freedom to return to their hometown, but are given homework, namely individual training such as those done for the Menpora Cup, and report in the form of training videos to the coaching team.

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Reporter: Zuhdiar Laeis
Editor: Irwan Suhirwandi

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