Panser Biru’s general chairman, Galih, wants to strengthen PSIS supporters

Jakarta (MEDIALNEWS.COM) – Galih Eko Putranto, who has just been elected general chairman of Panser Biru, the support organization of PSIS Semarang, wants to further consolidate its members by supporting their favorite team.

“In the future, I will try to strengthen and strengthen the interior of the Blue Panzer so that it becomes more compact, loyal and creative in supporting PSIS,” said Galih Ndog, his nickname, quoted on the club’s official website. Monday.

In addition, Galih will also strengthen the relationship between Panser Biru and elements of Semarang City society, including the Semarang City Government and PSIS management who have always supported the progress of Panser Biru.

“Not only internally, I will also strengthen relationships with all elements or levels of society, such as the city government, the management of PSIS and the general public,” explains Galih.

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Galih was elected as General Chairman of the Panser Biru in the Grand Conference (Mubes) Panser Biru that took place yesterday at Gedung Juang 45, Semarang, Sunday (11/4).

On this occasion, Galih defeated another candidate for the presidency, namely Suwanto, by obtaining 134 votes to 16 votes, officially replacing Kepareng, the previous president.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks suwun (thank you) Board members and all Korwil Panser Biru for the General Chairman’s mandate to me, ”said Galih who will hold the position for the next three years.

Meanwhile, Yoyok Sukawi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PSIS, congratulated Galih Ndog and his staff on duty for the next three years.

“Congratulations to the Panser Biru for successfully organizing the 2021 Mubes to elect a new Chairman, good luck to your service, Mas Galih Ndog, hopefully he is trustworthy and can make the Panser Biru more creative, solid and united in it. support PSIS, ”said Yoyok.

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Not to mention, he also expressed his appreciation for Kepareng, who has taken over as chairman of Panser Biru for two terms.

According to him, under the leadership of Kepareng, Panser Biru has implemented several innovations to bring the supporters organization to a more modern level.

“Thanks to Pak Wareng (the well-known nickname of Kepareng) who led Panser Biru for two periods. Under Pak Wareng’s leadership, Panser Biru has managed to build a strong and more advanced foundation to move with the times, so that it is too hope that Panser Biru can also fly higher under Mas Ndog ”, Yoyok concludes.

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Reporter: Zuhdiar Laeis
Editor: Rr. Cornea Khairany

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