Pan Scent From Aroma Therapy Candles

Starting a business doesn’t always mean creating a completely new product. It is possible that SMEs produce products that are already on the market, but with different qualities.

The same was done by Arini Khoiriah, owner of UKM Natureline which has been producing various aromatherapy candles since 2008. Together with her husband, Arini has produced various candles which not only work as lighting tools but also have the power to relieve stress.

“The market for candle-based products is still very large. Meanwhile, there aren’t too many manufacturers of aromatherapy candles. It’s our shortcoming in producing aromatherapy candles, ”said the woman who previously worked in a candle company.

Besides producing aromatherapy candles, Arini also produces essential oil fluids which are burnt (burners) by the candles it produces. Even now, he is trying to innovate in the manufacture of massage oil with aromatic ingredients.

In the marketing of its products, it collaborates with supermarkets, gift shops, distributors and resellers. Currently, Natureline candles are sold in almost all supermarkets in Solo, Boyolali and surrounding areas.

Support for Designer Dispatch Services (DDS)

Candles become highly regarded when made with a unique design and shape, which sets them apart from other candles in the market. Likewise, Arini felt after getting to know DDS for 7 months. In the past, when starting a business, Arini did not do any research on the design of its products. No wonder, in terms of appearance, it looks normal.

He designs products based solely on the instinct of the trader, based on navigating the market. But now, after being mentored by DDS, she’s learning how to create attractive, beautiful, and iconic designs. So that consumers are more interested. During the mentoring process by DDS, along with the development of new products, direct sales exploded and prices increased.

“The segment has also evolved to be more geared towards souvenirs and high-end consumers,” the Solo-born woman said.

The business that was once done with my husband now has 5 employees and produces up to 1 ton of candles per month. Several types of waxes produced in series are machined.

Natureline candles also vary in price. From 5,000 to 150,000 depending on shape and size. It also allows the design and shape to be customized to suit consumers’ budgets.

After receiving DDS support, Arini then attended Trade Expo Indonesia 2018. Arini was optimistic about the opportunity to enter the large global market in the future. In addition, it is currently negotiating with one of the leading retailers in Indonesia. “During TEI I have met many potential buyers and in the future I will continue to innovate as I believe the export opportunities are wide open,” said Arini.

For those who want to start a business, he suggests doing what he loves right away and making whatever ideas come up. “Don’t just dream, don’t wait for the moment, the capital and the others. Just do what is your passion, ”he concluded.

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