Often nicknamed by Internet users, Arya Saloka’s wife suffers the same fate as Shandy Aulia: Okezone celebrity

JAKARTA – The actor’s wife Arya saloka, Princess Anne, highlighting the case of Shandy Aulia who was inundated with curious comments from netizens about the growth and development of daughter, Claire Herbowo. Similar to Shandy, Putri also has the same problem on social media.

“After seeing Instagram @shandyaulia yesterday, I am personally also surprised by mothers who have time for DM, just saying I’m ugly, hubby is cheating, all animal gardens are coming out,” she said. declared on May 23, 2021.

Princess Anne. (Photo: Instagram / @ putriannesaloka)

According to Princess Anne, the spreaders hate comment on his personal Instagram account comes from various backgrounds and ages. He also wondered why they bothered to take the time to write negative reviews for him.

“On average, they are the same age as me. In fact, there are some who are older and the same age as my mother and stepfather. How come I don’t have time to That, eh? It’s awesome Envy me, ”he added.

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The Insta story of Princess Anne was then uploaded again to the @lambeturah gossip account. Many internet users have even attacked the mother of a child.

Princess Anne. (Photo: Instagram / @ putriannesaloka)

One internet user appeared to be saying, “Damn, he really likes fishing internet users.” Others said, “I don’t want to see Arya Saloka singing. I seek self-justification and feel most righteous.” *

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