Often accused of being Kevin Aprilio’s band member, Raisa: My Decision Was Right: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Raisa is known to have been a member of the group formed by Kevin Aprilio, Andante. However, the mother-of-one left for a later solo career.

“So I was in a group, both alone, with Kevin. So the piano and the vocals, it was the perfect setting for me, because he’s a real ballad singer,” said Raisa, quoted from the Boy William YouTube channel, Friday (4/16/2021).


The group was serious about getting into the country’s music industry by composing songs and engaging in the recording process. But over time, Hamish Daud’s wife felt a lot of blame because their work was seen as less than optimal.

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“In the end, like I was blamed a lot because maybe we weren’t immediately successful. Or we gave it to the label, so it was (probably) still missing, it was missing.” , did he declare.

Gradually, Raisa began to feel uncomfortable. Especially when their concept was revamped, which Raisa said was “ too groupy, ” so the song she was singing didn’t match her character.

Ultimately, Raisa decided to leave Kevin Aprilio’s group with full consideration. Despite some concerns, he finally knew he had made the right decision.

“Okay I made the right decision, it’s not a genre for me, it’s not my direction, if I stay there I’ll be sad,” he added.

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