Not just for sports, take a look at the inspiration for mix and match sneakers in the style of Korean celebrities

medialnews – Korean celebrity styles on social media have always been successful in gaining attention. The mix and match of the different fashion items used can always be an inspiration in itself. For example, when you wear sports shoes, it turns out that it is not only cool to wear them during sports.

Do you also want to look stylish with Korean celebrity-looking sneakers? Take a look at the powerful mix and match moves, KLovers!

Stand out with a flared skirt

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The flared skirt or plisket skirt has become one of the booming fashion items in recent times. This Korean celebrity fashion trend can make your appearance feminine and stand out instantly. Want to create a different flare skirt style? Try to pair it with your favorite athletic shoes.

The combination of a beautiful blouse, blazer and flared skirt combined with favorite athletic shoes can be a style choice that must be tried. This style inspiration is often the OOTD of celebrities in Korean dramas in their airport fashion. Remember to choose comfortable sneakers to use, for example from a favorite brand like Adidas.

More complete casual style

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Want to appear in a relaxed style that looks fuller? Try to make it happen with a mix and match of sneakers in the style of this Korean celebrity. The combination of a tank top, oversized shirt and baggy pants combined with your favorite sneakers can make your casual appearance even more memorable.

Make sure your steps are comfortable with a collection of the best sneakers from Adidas that you can find promotions at One of the recommendations is Adidas Duramo Shoes with Lightweight Women, which has a simple shape that makes it suitable to accompany the casual style of Korean celebrities.

Korean celebrity men’s fashion is also cool

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Not only for women, Korean celebrity fashion styles can also accompany men’s appearances. Take a look at the inspiration for Korean celebrity sporty look style you must try. The combination of oversized sweatshirts and jogging pants is not always sportswear. This cool style often accompanies casual celebrity moments as well. Pair it with athletic shoes which can be a statement look. Like the Adidas Duramo shoes with light men in red which can make a perfect appearance.

Ready to perfect your steps with some Korean celebrity style sneakers? Find the best collection of adidas sneakers only on which has various attractive promotions. There is a discount of up to 15% on new items and an additional discount of up to 65%, which can make shopping even more economical. Immediately download the app which is now available on the App Store and Play Store and find your favorite shoes now!

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