North Sumatra Regional Police athletes receive COVID-19 vaccine against PON in Papua

Medan (MEDIALNEWS.COM) – North Sumatra Pelatda athletes prepared for XX / 2021 National Sports Week (PON) in Papua will undergo COVID-19 vaccination to avoid exposure to the virus.

The Secretary General of North Sumatra’s KONI Chairman, Chairman Azmi Hutasuhut, said his party, together with the North Sumatra province’s COVID-19 Task Force, organized the vaccinations attended by a total of 154 athletes and coaches.

“This vaccine injection is one of the important stages that the North Sumatra contingent must go through to face the XX / 2021 PON in Papua,” Chairul said in Medan on Monday.

According to him, the injection of the COVID-19 vaccine is a mandatory requirement that all PON participants, whether athletes, coaches and officials, must meet to participate in PON in Papua.

“Yesterday, at the PON CdM meeting in Jayapura, this vaccination issue was also part of the decision,” said Chairul.

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He is also grateful that the implementation of the first phase of vaccine injection went well. The second phase of vaccine injection will be given over the next 28 days, in accordance with applicable regulations.

“We would like to thank the COVID-19 Task Force North Sumatra for their cooperation in ensuring that vaccine injections for North Sumatra regional PON training athletes go smoothly,” said Chairul.

Meanwhile, North Sumatran deputy secretary KONI Mesnan said North Sumatra’s regional athletes had also undergone physical tests before being vaccinated.
the third stage held at the Unimed Stadium.

He said all regional athletes should undergo a physical test. However, if there are athletes unable to attend because they are participating in the championship, they can take a follow-up test at a later date.

The physical test equipment, he continued, was also tailored to each athlete’s sports specifications, such as beep test, run, vertical jump and others.

“Essentially, we want to know the athlete’s level of physical and physical fitness,” said Mesnan.

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Reporter: Juraidi
Editor: Rr. Cornea Khairany

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