North Jakarta City Government Handles Wall Problem in Penjaringan District

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Jakarta (medialnews) – North Jakarta city government is dealing with the problem of a concrete wall about three meters high that stands on Jalan Kapuk Indah, RT 02 / RW 03, Kapuk Muara village , Penjaringan district, north Jakarta, Sunday.

According to the mayor of North Jakarta, Ali Maulana Hakim, contacted on Sunday, his party held a meeting at the level of the sub-district of Penjaringan to find common ground between the two conflicting parties.

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“It is still under discussion at the district level,” Ali said via a short message received in Jakarta on Sunday.

The wall poses a problem as it is considered to block access to the entrance to the subject matter of the dispute previously contested by the parties, which is approximately 100 meters from the location of the wall.

Kapolsek Penjaringan AKBP Andryansyah said the party that won the dispute in North Jakarta District Court Le Tiau Hok aka Ahok then questioned the erection of the wall there.

“This is from Mrs. Ahok who questions the problem of the walls erected in this place. We do not yet understand the size of this wall because who owns the land. But she claims that this land is a social facility and public facilities. “Andry said in Jakarta on Saturday.

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Based on this problem, the Tiau Hok then took steps to demolish it, but the Penjaringan police managed to prevent it on Saturday (4/17) yesterday.

Andry said the Penjaringan police had taken precautions so that there was no clash between the two sides.

“Because both sides claim this is a public facility, there are also those who claim it is his land,” Andry said.

Kapolsek Penjaringan also called on the two sides to organize a deliberation facilitated by the sub-district.

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“Prioritize deliberation, otherwise we will use the existing rules. Because those who have the right to order whether it is social and public facilities or illegal buildings, we will direct it to the government. If it is. come from the court, let him be executed. Don’t let the community take action that will harm us all, “Andry said.

Meanwhile, Tiau Hok’s lawyer Iming Tesalonika said his party was willing to close the case with the head of the Penjaringan sub-district.

He also felt that the Kapolsek Penjaringan had acted correctly in preventing the demolition so that there would be no chaos in the community.

“So the police chief is not taking sides, not a person defending Chandra Gunawan (another warring party). The police chief is only trying to find common ground by finding Chandra Gunawan and the sub chief. -district, ”Tesalonika said.

Until now, medialnews is still trying to contact Chandra Gunawan to ask her about the matter. However, medialnews phone calls were not answered.

Journalist: Abdu Faisal
Editor: Ganet Dirgantara

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