No less than 94.4% of Jiwasraya clients participated in the restructuring program

The restructuring program is an offer and not a constraint for policyholders.

Jakarta (medialnews) – PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero) Restructuring Acceleration Team recorded 16,485 customers, or 94.4% of total policyholders. bancassurance participated in the restructuring program.

The restructuring involved 1,873 customers, or 87.4% of total policyholders for the business segment, and 140,801 customers, or 79.3% of retail policyholders.

“The restructuring program is an offer, not a constraint for policyholders. Thank you for the confidence of policyholders who participated in this program even though it has not been able to satisfy all parties, ”said Fabiola Sondakh, member of the Jiwasraya Restructuring Acceleration Team. statement in Jakarta on Friday.
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Meanwhile, customers who did not respond to Jiwasraya’s policy restructuring program offer will be recalled (outgoing call).

Currently, there are still some retail policyholders who have not responded, as there have been changes in the data ranging from correspondence addresses, phone numbers, to email addresses when the service team for the acceleration of restructuring communicated with policyholders.

This is indicated by the 14,000 restructuring program offer letters that were returned by retail policyholders because the mailing address did not match what was written on the policy.

Jiwasraya Restructuring Acceleration Team Coordinator spokesperson R. Mahelan Prabantarikso said the recall was aimed at providing an opportunity and providing the best service to policyholders, at the time of implementation. of the Jiwasraya restructuring program.

“There are still opportunities and activities outgoing call until May 31, 2021, ”said Mahelan, also director of compliance and human resources at Jiwasraya.
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With this recall, it is hoped that retail policyholders who have not responded will be able to participate in the restructuring program as a form of corporate responsibility and engagement to be able to save the benefits of all policyholders.

To provide the best service to policyholders, more than a thousand employees and agents have been deployed to the field to find out the data and homes of policyholders who have not responded.

He explained that his party communicated with the insured, either by sending official letters, sending short messages (SMS), activating other communication channels, including virtual socialization, such as a setting in implementation of the implementation of health protocols initiated by the government by obtaining in the future.

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Journalist: Royke Sinaga
Editor: M Razi Rahman

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