Nine DKI health facilities have been designated as sites for mutual cooperation vaccination

Technical instructions have been published

Jakarta (medialnews) – DKI Jakarta Health Office (Dinkes) has appointed around nine health facilities (faskes) in this area as organizers of the mutual cooperation immunization program.

The head of the surveillance and immunization section of the DKI provincial health office in Jakarta, Ngabila Salama, said the nine health facilities had been verified by his party with an assessment in accordance with the provisions of the health ministry.

“There is now an appointment letter from the nine health facilities of the Ministry of Health which indicates which hospitals or clinics are used as health facilities for vaccination,” Ngabila said contacted Wednesday in Jakarta.

For vaccinators at the nine health facilities, Ngabila said this was regulated by the organizers of the vaccination, namely the companies.

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“The technical instructions have been issued, therefore linked to financing and vaccination, the agents are all employed independently, starting with the consumables (PPE), by purchasing the vaccines, the agents, all from the organizer “, he clarified.

In addition to evaluating health facilities for the immunization program, Ngabila said, the provincial government DKI is also responsible for the data on the logistics logistics distribution mechanism.

“Until the data reporting system goes into the aftermath of the vaccination,” he said.

For the purpose of the mutual cooperation vaccination program at DKI itself, Ngabila said there was no specific data as this program was aimed at companies providing vaccines to their employees.

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“The company has registered the vaccination program with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin),” he said.

Journalist: Ricky Prayoga
Editor: Edy Sujatmiko

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