Ngabalin appoints Abdullah Hehamahua: don’t stupid the public

VIVA – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) officially invalidated 75 employees who failed the National Insight Test (TWK). The method of disabling Novel Baswedan Cs is seen as an effort to attack employees with integrity.

Thus, the issue of the disability of 75 KPK employees is the subject of in-depth discussions. Notes on Democracy from TvOne with the theme “KPK is gone?”. On this theme, speakers, including the Chief Expert of the Presidential Staff (KSP), Ali Mochtar Ngabalin and former KPK adviser Abdullah Hehamahua, were present virtually.

Ali Ngabalin and Abdullah Hehamahua argued during a session. Ahead of the debate between the two, Abdullah expressed his view that corruption was included extra ordinary crime or extraordinary crime.

According to him, because extra ordinary crime, corruption must be eradicated by an organization or institution with extraordinary human resources.

Despite this, he said that TWK who failed Novel Baswedan and 74 other employees were deemed strange and miraculous. This is because Abdullah knew these 75 people with extraordinary achievements.

“People who have extraordinary achievements. That Firli (president of the KPK) if he passes the test with Novel, lose to Firli. Even with Giri (Giri Suprapdiono), even more with the others,” said Abdullah as quoted by Antara. Youtube tvOne on Saturday May 15, 2021.

He referred to KPK chairman Firli Bahuri, while still a law enforcement assistant, who had violated the code of ethics. He knew this because he had been invited by the internal supervisor of the KPK to provide an assessment of the violations committed by Firli.

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Regarding 75 employees, he recalled that the RMR, namely Commission III of the RMR, and the government have agreed on two consensuses. He said the two consensuses concerned the process for the expert status of KPK employees to become the Civilian State Apparatus (ASN).

Abdullah said the two consensuses were, firstly, that there should be no layoffs of KPK employees. Second, the income of KPK employees who become ASN cannot be reduced either. For him, the inactive status was no different from dismissal.

“Yes, the president is Javanese. So between inactivity and dismissal is the same. What is the difference between dismissal and inactivity. It’s just a procedure, it will be published a little more Late. A decree is like that. Inactivity is a process, “Abdullah said.

He said that by becoming ASN, the potential for erosion of KPK could occur. In addition, currently the KPK has the power to issue cease-investigation warrants (SP3).

“But, you’ve seen the evidence from the BLBI. It’s already SP3. So it’s a party. If someone is corrupted again, they’ll run overseas first. Only two years will they come back. because they’re already SP3, “he said.

Abdullah suggested to 75 KPK employees who failed TWK to file a complaint with the state administrative court.

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