National police have proposed preventive measures to prevent people from returning to Lebaran

Jakarta (medialnews) – The Indonesian National Police (Polri) will prioritize preventive measures for people caught returning to their homes in Lebaran from May 6 to 17, 2021 to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“Prevention is the first step to change mentality the public, invite and make understand why it is forbidden to return home this year, ”said Wednesday the head of the Security Maintenance Agency (Kabaharkam) of the national police, Komjen Pol, Arief Sulistyanto in Jakarta.

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At this point, the policeman provides an explanation to the public so that the messages prohibiting returning home arrive correctly. The goal is for the public to understand and understand that there is a threat if they continue to force the return home during the pandemic.

“These are the stories that we pass on to our subordinates so that they can be communicated to the public,” he said.

The police are also implementing preventive policies or measures in collaboration with various ministries and institutions, including strengthening the imposition of restrictions on micro-scale community activities (PPKM).

Finally, the effort to prevent the public from being reckless in returning Eid home is to apply the law firmly but always prioritizing the humanist side.

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In general, the national police carried out two operations before returning home, namely security zone operations from April 12 to 25 or reinforced police activities (KKYD), anticipating the return flow to the country from April 26 to April 25. May 5, 2021.

In addition, from May 6 to 17 or when the government was prohibited from returning home, the national police carried out an operation ketupat with the activity of deploying troops and blocking determined points as well as monitoring and control.

“Initially there were 333 isolation points and then increased to 381 isolation points,” he said.

Finally, after returning home, the police will increase police activities related to the anticipation of the return flow in 2021.

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Journalist: Muhammad Zulfikar
Editor: Nurul Hayat

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