Nagita Slavina is pregnant, it’s a ban from Raffi Ahmad

medialnews – The most popular celebrity couples, Nagita slavina and Raffi ahmad is now happy. After about 6 years of waiting, the woman who is familiarly named Gigi finally got pregnant with her second child. Lately, they have indeed wanted to give Rafathar a younger brother.

Just like most pregnant women, Gigi also goes through emotional changes. Unlike when Rafathar was pregnant, this time Gigi is much softer and easier to pose.

“If Rafathar is a cowboy, a thug. If (pregnant with her second child) he is cranky, whiny, more sensitive, sleeps more. Yes, his hormones fluctuate over and over,” Raffi said some time ago. .

1. Desires

At a young gestational age, Gigi seems to have started to have food cravings. This can be seen in the videos posted to the Rans Entertainment YouTube channel, where Gigi recently loved eating street cart snacks that were deliberately named at her house.

“Alhamdulillah, this is healthy. Health is the most important thing. Now you have to be very strict to take care and also your health. Please pray for the health of your teeth and uterus,” said continued Raffi.

2. Raffi’s ban

As a husband, Raffi should pay more attention to his pregnant wife. He has also started implementing regulations for Gigi, including a ban on the consumption of instant foods, which contain dangerous ingredients.

However, there’s no denying that Gigi still craves instant noodles sometimes. As a solution, Raffi also chose Lemonilo noodles, which were considered healthier because they were baked instead of fried. Plus, there are no preservatives, artificial colors, and flavor enhancers.

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