Mistakenly Mentioning Baim Wong’s Child’s Name, Iis Dahlia Blasphemed: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Iis Dahlia’s comments spark controversy in cyberspace. This time, Iis Dahlia mistakenly called the name of Baim Wong’s son, Kiano Tiger Wong.

Instead of mentioning Kiano, Iis Dahlia called him “Keanu”. This can be seen in the comments column of Baim Wong’s Instagram post. In this article, Baim and Kiano were seen dancing TikTok together.

“Kiano palanya doesn’t stop dancing,” said Baim Wong.

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Iis Dahlia

Seeing the anguish of Baim and Paula Verhoeven’s children, Iis Dahlia wrote a comment. “Keanuuuuu gemeshhh,” he wrote in the post.

Before long, thousands of internet users responded to Iis Dahlia’s comments. Most netizens blasphemed the singer of the song “Payung Hitam” who was previously bullied for bad lyrics while singing a song on a TV show.

“Kiano Grandma is not Keanu,” netizens said in the comments column.

“Capers, eh? Wow, this is really attention seeking, ”commented another.

“Even though in the caption there is his real name. Hey, he called it wrong … I think he’s a kidnapper on purpose,” said another.


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