Minister of Manpower and Deputy Governor of DKI urged all parties to remain enthusiastic about the pandemic

There is no other choice, we get up and we recuperate together

Jakarta (medialnews) – Manpower Minister Ida Fauziah and DKI Deputy Governor Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria call on all parties, especially workers, to commemorate International Labor Day (May 1) on May 1 May, to remain enthusiastic about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ida Fauziah said that the commemoration of International Labor Day (May 1), May 1, 2021, is the second May 1 of the COVID-19 pandemic which has left all parties in a difficult situation, not just workers, but also employers and governments.

“In February 2020, unemployment rose from 7 million to 6.9 million. Due to the pandemic, it rose to 9.7 million. It is very pronounced. In addition, BPS data has been affected by 29.2 million workers, ”Ida said in a statement in Jakarta. , Saturday.

As a result, he argues, everything is in a “sick” state, from business to other industries.

For that, he stressed, there is no other choice but to remain excited about the future. “The economy of the first quarter is still negative but it is better than that of the fourth quarter of 2020. There is no other choice, we will get up and get back together. Social dialogue is very important”, a- he declared.

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DKI Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria said commemorating Labor Day every May 1 is a “ public holiday ” for workers and workers, and should also be a trigger for moving from COVID- 19 in accordance with the minister’s instructions. from Manpower, the theme for May 1, 2021 is “May 1: Recovering Together”.

“The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world, including Indonesia and the city of Jakarta over the past year, coupled with an increase in office clusters, demands that we better protect workers. workers, especially in the utility sector, ”says Riza.

Then, according to the leadership of the ministry, he said, it was stressed that May 1 was the right time and time to work together and start again together, to innovate again to build a better Indonesia, especially through various positive activities.

Therefore, continues Riza, vaccination and vaccination are vital in an effective effort to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, the goal is to have the immune system recognized and able to fight back when exposed to the virus.

“Therefore, I hope that the vaccination of workers in commemoration of Labor Day will be orderly and successful, as well as the restoration of national economic conditions and the restoration of safe and healthy labor productivity for all,” a- he declared.

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The two personalities are known to have attended COVID-19 vaccination activities for groups of workers in commemoration of International Labor Day (May 1) in 2021 at the DPP APINDO DKI office in Jakarta, Menteng, Central Jakarta, this Saturday. .

Journalist: Ricky Prayoga
Editor: Edy Sujatmiko

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