Menaker Ida presents Lifetime Achievement Award to Indonesian filmmakers

Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah presented the award after watching the film “Tjoet Nja” Dhien “with union / union representatives at XXI Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (5/27/2021). : Public relations of the Ministry of Manpower

medialnews, JAKARTA – The government, through the Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker), has awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards to a number of veteran filmmakers in Indonesia.

The award winners were Eros Djarot, Christine Hakim, Slamet Rahardjo and George Kamarullah.

“This award is a form of recognition for the people of Indonesian cinema who have served all the time, their lives for Indonesian cinema,” said Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah after watching the film “Tjoet Nja ‘Dhien’ with union / labor union representatives at XXI Plaza Senayan, Jakarta., Thursday (5/27/2021).

Not only that, said Menaker Ida, currently the Ministry of Manpower is also treating four film workers, namely Eros Djarot, Christine Hakim, Slamet Rahardjo and George Kamarullah, as recipients of SKKNI level certificates. 9 or the equivalent of National Professional teachers. Certification Agency (BNSP).

Menaker Ida Fauziyah stressed that the rapid development of the film industry requires the support of a large number of skilled human resources (HR). To create competitive and skilled human resources, it is time for the film industry in Indonesia to apply the Indonesian National Professional Competence Standards (SKKNI).

“SKKNI for cinema, besides being one of the benchmarks for preparing competitive human resources, is also an effort to improve the quality of Indonesian cinema,” he said.

Although currently the film industry is one of the industries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Manpower Minister Ida said the government was quite optimistic that recovery efforts in this industrial sector could be carried out immediately by implementing health protocols.

“Efforts to accelerate the recovery of the film industry from the COVID-19 pandemic must be carried out immediately so that the film industry can revive itself and continue to accelerate, so that it can contribute to absorption unemployment, ”he said.

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