Menaker Ida calls on people to obey the ban on going home

Menaker Ida Fauziyah. Photo: public relations document from the Ministry of Manpower

medialnews, JAKARTA – Minister of Manpower (Menaker) Ida Fauziyah hopes the Indonesian people will heed the government’s call not to return home to the Idulfitri 1442H celebration. Because, currently, it is still in a COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Ida recalled that the just past month of Ramadan 1442H has taught people the importance of holding back and delaying doing something they are happy with.

“We must comply with the government’s call to postpone the return home,” Menaker Ida said in a press release from the public relations office of the Ministry of Manpower in Jakarta on Thursday (13 / 5/2021).

The postponement that was made, Menaker Ida said, was for a better purpose. Namely, breaking the chain of transmission of COVID-19 and putting an end to the pandemic that continues today.

Menaker Ida acknowledged that coming home, which is a tradition for the Indonesian people, will create a feeling of happiness when you can reunite with your family in your hometown. But in the midst of this happiness, there is still a potential for COVID-19 transmission.

“It would be wiser to postpone happiness for a while in order to create a better situation. When the situation improves, we are more free to return home to our hometowns, ”said Menaker Ida.

Menaker Ida recalled that postponing the current homecoming will be able to create a more conducive situation to meet families in their hometown in the future.

“We are postponing going home to end the pandemic,” Ida said.(* / jpnn)

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