Meisya Siregar’s family still wear masks while on vacation at Jakarta Aquarium

medialnews – The Covid-19 pandemic is still uncertain when it will end. Some people are already able to carry out activities outside their home, but still follow agreed health protocols. An example of following health protocols is always wearing a mask when doing activities outside the home.

In Instagram downloads Meisya SiregarThere were several times the actress and host took her family on vacation to the Jakarta Aquarium & Safari, located in West Jakarta. Meisya and the compact family wore masks.

1. Work during the holidays

In the caption, the wife of musician Bebi Romeo explained that she worked during her vacation by inviting her two children. He enjoyed the moments with his family. Remember that they also adhere to health protocols by using masks.

“Work in ngabuburit and recreate the observation of fish and animals
More at the SMA 2 Unyils Mall. “Be careful when looking at the latest slides, especially papa @bebi_romeo and papap @otto_djauhari. Former thugs aren’t afraid of guns but are seriously concerned about being able to hug each other,” the woman born in 1979 wrote.

2. Adhere to health protocols

KLovers, now anyone can resume their activities outside the home. Always adhere to the health protocols practiced by Meisya Siregar’s family. Always make sure to #IngatPesanIbu. Wash your hands diligently, wear a mask, keep your distance and avoid crowds.

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