Meet Velycia Meidiana, Indonesian Student Who Succeeded in Doing Business in South Korea

medialnews – Selebgram Velycia Meidiana is now very popular, especially among Korean lovers. This woman who is familiarly called Vely is known to have graduated from one of the prestigious universities in Gingseng State, then worked in a Korean company and performed with a number of K-Pop artists. .

Not only that, Vely also has various other interesting stories which all managed to make Indonesian internet users jealous. Who is this Velycia Meidiana figurine? Here are the facts …

1. A master’s student at prestigious universities in Korea

Vely is a girl born in Bandar Lampung on May 1, 1996. Currently, she is only 25 years old. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in clothing and textiles from Yonsei University, a very prestigious campus in South Korea. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree on the same campus, with a specialization in international business, finance and management.

“Education is important to everyone, regardless of social status, ethnicity, country or religion. And it is very important to have a goal in life. Because then the days will be lived with more enthusiasm and will know what to do to achieve it. Never be afraid to start and believe more in your own abilities, ”said Vely.

2. National TV appearance with K-Pop artists

After graduating from college, Vely, who enjoys watching Korean dramas since he was in high school, worked in a Korean company and appeared as a presenter for interviews with top Korean artists such as Siwon, NCT and SuperM. Because of this alone, many Indonesian internet users are made jealous.

3. Marries a man from South Korea

Vely, who was once in the top 5 in the Galaxy Superstar talent search arena, is known to have married a man from South Korea after a 3-year relationship. Even so, he also remains active at the university.

4.Own a beauty and tourism business in South Korea

During his studies, Vely also ran a business in the beauty and tourism sector in South Korea. The business he is in is quite successful considering he is still quite young.

Vely’s tourism company helps Indonesians who want to visit Korea. There are different packages ranging from road packages with Indonesian students living in Korea to all inclusive package.

Meanwhile, in the beauty industry, Vely introduces Korean beauty products such as premium hair, body and face products at a price that fits in the pockets of young people or students in Indonesia. .

5. Active as Celebgram

Known via Youtube “Stories from Korea” which contains stories about her daily life as a student and Muslim in South Korea. Vely is now more active on Instagram social networks and shows her daily life as a successful wife, graduate student and young entrepreneur who inspires many people.

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