May 18 PKPI Munaslub, Sunan Kalijaga defined as new Ketum if approved by all regions

Report by reporter Vincentius Jyestha

medialnews, JAKARTA – Diaz Hendropriyono has resigned as general chairman of the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party (PKPI).

Subsequently, PKPI appointed Sunan Kalijaga to serve as the interim president of the PKPI.

Spokesman and Chairman of PKPI’s Public Communication Division Sonny Tulung confirmed this upon confirmation. Tribunnews.

“From me as spokesperson for PKPI and chairman of PKPI’s public communication division, Mas Diaz resigned and PKPI appointed Sunan Kalijaga as Plt Ketum,” said Sonny, contacted., Monday (05/10/2021).

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Sonny said that in the near future, PKPI will be hosting an online Munaslub. Precisely on May 18, 2021.

In the Munaslub, Sunan Kalijaga will be appointed as final general president on condition that later all regional representatives agree.

“On May 18, a national conference via Zoom will take place. If it is approved by all regions, then Sunan Kalijaga will be defined as a new ketum,” he said.

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