Madura United only allows journalists vaccinated for reporting

The policy of tightening up the reporting system by management is to anticipate matters that are not desirable

Pamekasan (medialnews) – Madura United FC’s management only allows journalists who have been vaccinated to report on the football club’s training activities held at Gelora Madura Ratu Pelingsan Stadium (SGMRP) Pamekasan, East Java, Thursday.

“Management’s policy of tightening up the reporting system is to anticipate things that are not desirable,” said Madura United FC Media Officer Hendra Widodo.

Journalists who want to cover the first exercise after Eid al-Fitr 1442 Hijriah are asked to present their COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

For journalists who have been vaccinated and proven by showing a COVID-19 vaccination certificate, management allows direct coverage of the stadium area, while those who have not been vaccinated are banned and asked to wait for the club media man’s release.

Madura United FC’s first practice session after Eid al-Fitr 1442 Hijriah, which is also preparing for League 1 2021, was held at the Gelora Madura Ratu Pelingsan Pamekasan Stadium, Thursday afternoon (20/5/2021)

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Of the 30 players who have signed a contract with the club nicknamed “Laskar Sape Kerrap”, as many as four are absent, because they are still on the road. Each from Andik Rendika Rama, Asep Berlian, Markcho Sandy Merauje and Zulfiandi.

Two new recruits, namely Silvio Escobar and Novan Setya Sasongko, have joined the inaugural training session following Eid al-Fitr 1442 Hijriah, Thursday (20/5).

“This is only the first practice while stamina is still recovering as most players have trained on their own so far and we see the process going fast as players have managed to maintain their physical fitness through through an independent training program, ”said Madura United FC coach Rahmad Darmawan.

In addition to restoring the players ‘stamina, the inaugural practice session was held at Gelora Madura Ratu Pelingsan Stadium, Pamekasan, in advance of the development of the players’ regulations to be adopted at the annual convention on May 29, 2021.

Think of adjusting the composition of young players, foreign players and implementing health protocols, such as in the Menpora Cup 2021.

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“Until now, the debate about different league discourses is still diverse. There are discourses on limiting foreign players to three, competition without promotion and relegation, including the format of the competition, whether it is full competition with home. away or home tournaments, “said” RD, “the nickname of Rahmad Darmawan’s close friend. Which.

“If the match is conducted with a ‘full system of competition and home away as in the previous year, there must be relegation and promotion for us. However, if the performance is carried out by a home tournament or the implementation in a number of places being determined, as should only be held on the island, let alone no full competition, “Of course there are clubs that feel disadvantaged or taken advantage of. Madura United’s stance has already been explained that there must be promotion and relegation in We will see developments later in the congressional decision if the situation is different, ”said RD, who is also the club manager.

Meanwhile, with regard to foreign players, according to RD, the possibility to let players in and out is still open to adaptation to the regulations. We will see progress until the PSSI Congress is over, ”he said, explaining.

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Reporter: Abd Aziz
Editor: Junaydi Suswanto

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