Madura United has not changed the composition of the players

Jakarta (medialnews) – Madura United FC manager Rahmad Darmawan admits that he has not changed the composition of the players in his squad as they are still awaiting the official decision of the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) regarding Liga 1 2021.

“In view of this League 1, we have not changed the composition of the players, we are still waiting for the PSSI decision, especially the composition of foreign players,” said RD, his nickname, on the club’s official website, Friday.

As for the discourse to limit four foreign players in each club, RD also admits that it will be further studied by Madura United management.

“We will discuss this after an official decision has been made. The policy must of course cover matters relating to some clubs that already have 4 foreign players,” he said.

He gave an example from Bali United and Persipura Jayapura so that this policy would be an advantage for them to face the Asian Champions Cup.

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According to him, Madura United will continue to adapt to all PSSI decisions. If the regulation for reducing foreign players is official, his party will immediately change the composition of the players.

“We will definitely change the composition of foreign players, we just wait for this PSSI congress, then we will thoroughly discuss and evaluate it,” he concludes.

PSSI has determined that this year’s annual conference agenda will take place on May 29 at Hotel InterContinental Pondok Indah, Jakarta.

The Madura United team again held a training camp in Pamekasan, Madura, which started last Thursday after a long vacation.

The training camp is scheduled to start on May 20, 2021 in preparation for League 1 to be held in July.

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Reporter: Zuhdiar Laeis
Editor: Jafar M Sidik

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