Madura United focuses on improving the physical condition of the players

Pamekasan (medialnews) – Madura United FC coach Rahmad Darmawan said his side will focus this week on efforts to improve the physical fitness of the players after the Eid holiday as their fitness is generally unstable due to lack of training .

“When we look at the training we have done over the past two days, the physical condition of our players is generally not stable. That’s why we are concentrating on training for now,” said the man familiarly named RD after leading club. . training in Stadiona Geloma Madura Ratu P Collectionan Pamekasan Saturday

Practice was conducted by Laskar Sapeh Kerrap from Friday (5/21) at Pamekasan Stadium to prepare for the 2021 Indonesian League 1 competition.

“Time is tight, we only have 40 days to go. That’s why we brag morning and night. Plus, most of our players are physically unstable,” said RD.

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On this second day of practice, he continued, only Zulfiandi had not signed up, while other players, including substitute Alberto Goncalves, namely Silvio Escobar, had joined the other players.

“Zulfiandi will join us tomorrow. He is currently on the road,” said RD.

In this exercise, RD admitted to providing more material in the form of restoring the players’ physical strength rather than attacking techniques and tactics.

“We deliberately emphasize this pattern, especially since there are three players whose weight has increased. They need to be given special attention with training and diet,” said RD.

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Reporter: Abd Aziz
Editor: Rr. Cornea Khairany

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