Look beautiful in the style of favorite Korean idols, find your favorite brand on iStyle.id

medialnews – A line of the latest generation of Korean idols has managed to captivate fans with their charms. Not just voice and abilities dancing of which there is no reason to doubt. Her appearance is often an inspiration for fans to look good.

You also want improve appearance as beautiful as Korean idols who are models? Find beauty products from your favorite brands only on iStyle.id. While there is an International Beauty Fair promo, tackle various great discounts!

Beauty regimen with the right skin care

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It’s hard not to be blown away by Korean idols flawless. The secret lies in the skincare routine, which is now slated to be a beauty center, thanks to a combination of modern technology and natural ingredients. Keeps the skin hydrated and strengthens skin barrier, you start to know various products skin care which is popular in this land of ginseng. From sheet masks, vials to BB creams to achieve healthy, healthy skin glowing.

Various Korean beauty brands are starting to be considered a mandatory beauty mark. From Missha, Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Some By Mi and many more. But be careful when buying products which are currently fake, only get it from iStyle.id, which gives original warranty. In addition, there is now an attractive offer for Your Step to Glow from the International Beauty Fair. Besides being complete, the reduction is also daebak, you know!

Make-up that makes the face radiant

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Wearing their respective characteristics, most Korean idols stay true to their appearance flawless or no makeup look. Accentuating the natural beauty of her face, the makeup she used always looked harmonious. bold eye makeup with nude lip makeup or vice versa lipstick and shine in his eyes.

Get various Korean beauty products for daily makeup routine. Made from quality ingredients in colors suitable for Asian skin, the pretty packaging design makes grooming sessions even more exciting. The price is quite affordable, especially since there is an international beauty salon on iStyle.id that has some attractive specials.

Scent that matches your character

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Pretty but smelly? Big no! Especially for those who have a myriad of activities like Korean idols, a cool body makes them more confident and enthusiastic all day long. Choose a scent that matches your personality, for example floral for the girly and cheerful, cool for casuals and lovers sporty look, oriental, exotic and energizing, or wooded for the wise.

Do you have a choice of favorite scents? It’s time to have the perfume wishlist and get the best perfume brands at the international beauty salon at iStyle.id. Various well-known names in the perfume world such as Moschino, Calvin Klein, Zara and Celluver can be obtained at attractive discounts.

It is not difficult to look as beautiful as Korean idols, especially since there is an international beauty salon that offers a collection of well-known brands. skin care, make up fragrance. Originality guaranteed, the price is even more affordable thanks to various attractive promotions.

Enjoy the thrill of the Beauty Shopping Race with fixed price Rp.99 thousand and Rp.199 thousand in just 10 minutes. Be sure to take advantage of discounts of up to 85% and additional discounts until 350,000 IDR for your target brand. Come on, be as beautiful as your bias with iStyle.id!

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