LIB: It is not easy to judge the turnout of the audience in the stadium

We have to find many references according to the terms in Indonesia

Jakarta (medialnews) – PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) president Akhmad Hadian Lukita said it was not easy to estimate the possibility of spectators in the stadium during Liga 1 and Liga 2 during the COVID-19 pandemic .

“We are continuing to conduct investigations and it is not easy. We have to find many references according to the conditions in Indonesia,” Akhmad Hadian told Antara in Jakarta on Friday.

One of the factors complicating the investigation is the fluctuating number of COVID-19 patients in Indonesia, as has happened in recent weeks.

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LIB and PSSI also continue to communicate with various parties such as the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora), the Ministry of Health, the COVID-19 Handling Task Force and the police to discuss this issue.

“All agencies will be involved in the future,” said Akhmad Hadian.

Later, he continued, certainty was determined as to whether or not spectators were allowed to attend the stadium after the involved stakeholders held a joint meeting coordinated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

LIB itself is tasked with making technical details of the match infrastructure when spectators are present, including how to support the online ticketing system, checking whether the public has been vaccinated or not and collecting data from the COVID-19 test results from the audience.

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“When asked when the ideal decision will come in regards to the public, we hope so as soon as possible,” Akhmad Hadian said.

President Joko Widodo asked President Joko Widodo to ask about the spectators in the stadium.

The order was received by Menpora Zainudin Amali, who then appointed PSSI and LIB to discuss the technical details.

Liga 1 Indonesia 2021-2022 itself is scheduled for July 3, 2021-March 2022. Meanwhile, League 2 will be held approximately two weeks after the start of League 1.

However, the two competitions can only take place if you have a public permit from the police.

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Reporter: Michael Siahaan
Editor: Fitri Supratiwi

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