Lesti Kejora and boy William apologize, here’s Siti Badriah’s answer

JAKARTA – Lesti Andriyani aka Lesty Kejora apologized after calling Siti Badriah a dangdut singer with the worst voice on the Boy William YouTube channel some time ago. Apparently, Siti Badriah immediately responded to the apology.

Through her social media Instagram, the woman familiarly named Sibad said her issue with Lesty Kejora and Boy William has been resolved.

Krisjiana Baharudin’s wife also revealed that she met Lesty in person.

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Chaotic Siti Badriah and Lesti Kejora, the boy William apologizes

“I am very happy at the start of this fast with Allah’s permission, my beloved husband has brought us together with Lesti,” Sibad said, quoted in his Instagram story, Tuesday (4/13/2021).

The singer of the song “Lagi Syantik” also pointed out that the problem which was occupied yesterday has been solved. “Alhamdulillah, all issues are clear. Last night we met to strengthen the relationship,” he wrote.

Not only in Lesty, Sibad also spoke with Boy William, as the owner and creator of the content.

“So from now on, there is nothing more to discuss or discuss yesterday’s issue. Because that will make the situation worse,” Sibad said.

The 29-year-old dangdut singer actually made yesterday’s hustle and bustle a lesson or a reminder to always keep your words.

“Make all of this a lesson to maintain the word, the heart and especially the fingers to protect the feelings of others,” he wrote.

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