Lebak Bulus terminal does not yet have a COVID-19 testing service

always priority for larger scale terminals

Jakarta (medialnews) – DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency has not equipped the Lebak Bulus terminal in South Jakarta with COVID-19 testing services because it is always given priority for larger-scale terminals.

“The problem here is that we have not prepared an antigen test kit or GeNos to leave town,” Lebak Bulus terminal service unit chief Hernanto Setiawan said in Lebak Bulus on Monday, in South Jakarta.

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For this reason, he appealed to potential passengers who passed through the terminal, also called Cross Market Terminal on Friday, to equip themselves with negative COVID-19 test results, either with GeNose tests or with antigen swabs.

This method, he continued, was conducted in anticipation of the tightening of the return flow from April 22 to May 5, 2021.

“The rule is that you have to bring the letter (a negative test for COVID), called a tightening, you have to provide an antigen or GeNose. We urged ourselves to provide it, who knows when the tightening will be verified,” he said. he declares.

By pocketing a negative COVID-19 certificate, he continued, it is hoped that passengers will no longer be disturbed by the queue for inspection.

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Previously, terminals in the South Jakarta region that already provided antigen or GeNose testing services included the Pasar Minggu terminal.

Previously, the government, through the COVID-19 Management Working Group, released the latest additional regulations contained in the Addendum to Circular Letter 13 of 2021.

The adendeum is linked to the elimination of Idul Fitri 1442 Hijriah’s homecoming and efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 during the holy month of Ramadan 2021.

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One of the regulations, especially for ground public transport travelers, will be a randomized antigen swab test / GeNose C19 test if needed by the regional COVID-19 handling working group.

In addition, travelers using all modes of land and private transport, except sea and air travelers, are advised to have an Indonesian e-HAC card or electronic health alert card.

Journalist: Dewa Ketut Sudiarta Wiguna
Editor: Ganet Dirgantara

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