Launch of 2 drones with explosive charges, Houthis attack King Khalid airbase in Saudi Arabia

Saturday May 29, 2021 – 4:49 PM WIB

Houthis launch 2 drones with explosive charges and attack King Khalid airbase in Saudi Arabia -

medialnews, SANAA – A Saudi-led military coalition has again claimed to have intercepted and destroyed a drone launched by the Houthi group from Yemen.

Al-Ekhbariya TV station said the drone loaded with explosives was about to attack the town of Khamis Mushait.

This morning, Saturday (5/29), Houthi spokesman Yahya Saree admitted that his party had launched two drones to attack King Khalid’s air base in Khamis Mushait.

Contrary to the Saudi claim, he said the two drones succeeded in carrying out their mission.

The civil war in Yemen has created misery for civilians, especially children and women.

The United Nations predicts that there will be a famine that worries the world if the war in Yemen is not stopped soon.

US President Joe Biden intends to seek a resolution of the conflict involving several foreign countries. (ant / dil / jpnn)


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